Silent Scream


I’d apologize to my friends because I did not go with them in our graduation ball a year ago, even when we used to talk about going to a college party before graduating. Well, my reason was I hate people; a reason that I still used to the last party I was invited to in law school.

Recently, I figured out that it is not the people. Let’s face it, I’ll go to a party and spend time with my friends. There could be other people but I can choose to ignore them. It’s not the people that I hate. It’s the noise. 

There’s a bearable kind of noise, like when I stay in Starbucks to study (except the laugh of one lady that prompted other customers to leave and even told the noisy table with the lady that they are too damn noisy). But when I spend time with my friends, I’d rather hear what they are saying instead of what the loud of music. Well, if the music is good, maybe I can deal with it for a bit.

But if the singer cannot even sing Call me Maybe and Born this Way correctly, and seems to be eating what he/she is saying when singing Wrecking Ball, The one that got away, and Just the way you are, I don’t think I can last a minute of it. 

I would have enjoyed “What does the fox say” if it wasn’t too damn loud.

I finally finished Friends this week. So now, two sitcoms managed to made me cry when it ended (That 70s Show was the other one, but I never watched the last season except for the Finale). I loved the whole series but, of course, there are still things that I wanted to happen but never did.

  • I really wanted Rachel to be with Joey, however, there are some Rachel-Ross scenes that made me want the latter pairing, like when she was pregnant and was showing the photo of the ultrasound to Joey and Phoebe then couldn’t find the baby.
  • I wanted the Geller parents to be there in the end. I think they were such a big part of the series and deserves to be at the finale. Also, just to see their new grandchildren and how will they react to it, considering they always favor Ross over Monica.
  • I also wanted to see Ben at the end.
  • And Janice. No one can get rid of Janice, no matter how annoying that laugh is.

I kind of expected that they Monica and Chandler are going to have a surprise when it comes to their children. And I was right, twins and one of each.

But what I loved the most in the ending is that they inserted the “we were on a break” thing with Rachel and Ross.


I decided to end my 100 Happy Days Challenge on the Day 54. Honestly, I can now predict what’s gonna happen to me the next few days: summer class (which I find fun, even we only meet on the first day), rewatch Friends (apparently there are episodes that I skipped without noticing it), rewatch The Walking Dead (7 months is too long), start on How I Met your Mother (Really. I was planning to watch this long ago, but I wanted to watch Friends first), play Sims, read books, and a few trips to wherever. 

Also, I noticed that for the most post on the challenge, I have to really think about what am I going to post. I’m the kind of person who prefers to stay at home and alone so most of my posts were just me watching series. 

Day 54 of 100.

First day of class for the summer! I actually enjoyed it, except that it’s on 7 in the morning.

When I got home, I slept because I only slept for probably 4 hours, then worked out a little. After that, I finally finished Friends. Oh, I hate it when I get attached to TV series.

Day 53 of 100.

Finished the last step for my enrollment this summer, a little afternoon work out, then a power nap!

What makes you wake up each morning?


Er, my alarm clock? Haha. Total random question.


i like being alone, not feeling alone


Good Vibes HERE


Good Vibes HERE

Apr 9

I always wonder why Maggie doesn’t seem to care to find Beth’s whereabouts but only looked for Glenn.

So after rewatching “Inmates,” Maggie did say that she doesn’t know where Beth is and if she was able to get out of the prison. However, she has the idea of where Glenn might be. She thought he was in the bus, since that was where she left here before running off to find Beth and she knows where the bus was supposed to be heading.

Apr 9

Oh. Archie is only going to die in “Life with Archie.” But the idea of him dying still breaks my heart”